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Developmental Seminar

Developmental Seminar Meeting

When: Every Friday at 2:30pm.

Where: Psych 128

Purpose: Developmental Seminar is an opportunity for graduate students, post-docs and faculty to become familiar with one another's research, both past and ongoing, and is a requirement of all pre- and post-doctoral trainees on this training grant. Participants present talks and get advice on their research at all phases - conceptualization, initial pilot data, analysis, practice talk for a job interview or conference. Two or three times a semester, a "Data Blitz" is conducted where presenters get 5 minutes and 1 power point slide of one significant finding or design change or anything else relevant from their research. These data blitzes enable all to stay informed about emerging ideas and findings in each others labs and serves as both a broadening and cementing experience for all trainees and faculty.

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Cognitive Lunch

When: Every Wednesday, 12:10 - 1:25, Fall and Spring semesters

Where: Psych 128, located behind the main office

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Cognitive Science Colloquim Series

When: Selected Mondays, 4:00 - 5:00, Fall and Spring semesters

Where: Psych 101

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